Bits and pieces of Siena and Florence

Last time I was in Tuscany, I brought my Rollei XF 35 which I found in a drawer at my parents’ place. Although some pictures came out a bit blurry (my bad!), I think it’s a great and fun point-and-shoot camera and can’t wait to develop the next film roll!

So here are some pictures of beutiful Siena

07-siena08-siena 09-siena 10-siena 11-siena 12-detail-of-siena 13-siena-shop 16-siena-shop 15-siena-shop 14-tourists-in-siena resting-in-siena

And beutiful Florence

17-detail-of-firenze 18-ponte-vecchio-firenze 19-firenze 20-florence-couple 21-detail-of-florence 22-florence 23-santa-maria-novella-firenze

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